Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pedestrian/Bike stoplight on hold....for now

        The HAWK light that was planned for the intersection of Walnut and Allen which was to be a part of the Allen Street Bicycle Boulevard, has been put on hold for now. Susie Johnson who is the director of Bloomington Public Works explained that the current bike/pedestrian refuge island that has been recently installed is only a first step.
       Depending on continued analysis and feedback additional features, like the HAWK system, may or may not be added to the intersection. According to Johnson, the incremental process was recommended by Alta Planning & Design.
       The decision was to gauge the success of the island and make changes as needed, as well as to ensure the dollars are invested effectively in the implementation of Bloomington's Greenway Implementation Plan. This strategy was supported by Public Works, Economic & Sustainable Development, and Planning. 

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