Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kroger Reno & New Proposed Construction: 10/5/09 Plan Meeting

The Seminary Square Kroger is going to be remodeled and updated.  This means Kroger will remain in its current location.  Kroger will most likely add gas pumps, which will greatly change the flow of traffic in that area.  The upcoming changes will be discussed at the next City of Bloomington Plan Commission Meeting, on October 5. 

Another PC meeting topic relevant to McDoel Gardens is the Bryan White project proposed for 223 W. Dodds St.  It would involve a rezoning of 1.6 acres from commercial limited to a PUD, where the developers would build up to 20 single-family homes.  This has been discussed on the blog in previous entries.  For the report from the last Plan Commission meeting regarding the development, go to:
Look in the right hand task bar, under 'Attachments,'  & click on  '8-31-2009.'  Your plan commissioners will vote on this project at the October 5 meeting, so make your opinion heard.  Currently Jack Baker and Isabel Piedmont-Smith sit on the commission, are your neighbors, and want to know what you think.

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